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The Three Bird Roast

A roast goose is the Traditional centre to the Christmas meal providing a rich succulent meat that every one can enjoy. However for some larger families or celebrations where one goose might not be enough we can provide an alternative in the Three Bird Roast, this is one of our own geese which we bone out and then fill with our own boned out free range chicken and pheasant. These birds do not contain any cheaper stuffing and makes an ideal centrepiece for a large family gathering.

Three Geese

Cooking Instructions for Geese

Guidelines for Buying & Cooking your Goose

Cook Time
Feeds Approx
1.5 – 2 hours 
2 – 2.5 hours 
3 – 3.5 hours

Approximate cooking times at 200C/400F/Gas mark 6. Times may vary depending on your oven. 

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Free Range Geese and Ducks

GoslingsThe geese arrive as day old goslings at the end of April and are put in small groups under brooders. At six to eight weeks old after fully feathering the birds are allowed out onto fresh pasture where they graze each day.

Since some of the paddocks are away from the farmyard we have to drive the geese down the road each morning and evening, something that has become quite a local spectacle. In order to protect the birds from predators they are brought back to their yards each night.

As the birds grow we supplement their supply of fresh grass with a mixture of home produced wheat and vegetable based protein. This diet contains no growth promoters or artificial additives and goes to ensure the geese are fully fleshed when they reach maturity.

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Free Range Geese

Picture by Bruce Adams of the Daily Mail

All our birds are processed on farm in our purpose built facilities, with each bird being dry plucked, waxed and then hung in a chill room for 10 – 14 days. The bird is then dressed and individually boxed in a carry home case with each bird being presented with vacuum packed giblets and some fat.

Goose Fat

Goose fat is much prized by professional chefs particularly for use in roasting potatoes and preparing pastry, however it is also extremely healthy being low in saturated fat and high in mono-unsaturated and essential fatty acids. Once rendered goose fat will store in a refrigerator for several months.

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All Free Range Birds are are for Collection Only - No Deliveries